Find The Right Marketing Tools For Your Small Business

find the right marketing tools for your small business by jen mcfarland

Wasted Money on Apps?
Does Technology Overwhelm You?

Then This Course is a No-Brainer
(Created for Non-Technical Entrepreneurs)

Get the exact formula I created for multi-million dollar clients and solopreneurs so you can ignore the noise, focus on needs, and kick bad marketers to the curb.

1 hour 10 min total Length


Businesses < 5 yrs. Old

proven 3-step formula

Make the Best Marketing Decisions for Your Business

Learn the questions you MUST ask

Identify your biggest business needs

Prioritize key initiatives

Master your marketing budget

Pinpoint operations problems

Detail your exact needs for consultants and vendors


What’s Inside

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How Most People Search for Tools

... And why marketers want you to keep wasting time and money tumbling down the rabbit hole

Why Business Goals Are Essential

Marketing is a support system for your business. Learn to clarify goals to zero-in on the best tools

Marketing Budget Basics

Simple system to reduce marketing costs (including your time) and plan ahead

Map Out Key Initiatives

Learn how to cast out vanity projects and go after profitable, goals-oriented projects

Evaluate Your Business Workflows

Guidance and templates to shine a light on how work moves through your organization

Putting the Pieces Together

Our integrative approach guides you through distilling needs for vendors and consultants

Isn't it time to

Free Yourself from Marketing Stress

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Jen McFarland co-founder epiphany courses

Jen McFarland, CoFounder, Epiphany Courses. 

Meet your instructor

Jen McFarland

Jen McFarland is a passionate and compassionate champion of entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners. 

A natural teacher and gifted speaker, Jen runs workshops and gives presentations on a wide variety of topics germane to improving business leaders’ soft skills, including time management, dealing with uncertainty, improving communication, managing remote teams, and digital marketing.

  • Led multi-million dollar technology projects including software development, software selection, and business process improvement
  • 25 years of boots on the ground marketing experience

find the right marketing tools for your small business

This is for you if ...

marketing tools for your small business


Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses are primarily made for businesses (solorpreneurs, small businesses, startups) in the first 5-10 years of operation. 

The fundamental principles in this particular course translate well for larger, more-established businesses as well. 

Our definition is: marketing tools are digital products (e.g., software) needed to set up, create, engage, or measure marketing tactics (e.g., web, social, email marketing, etc.).

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t need an online presence or software for marketing or promotional purposes. 

Jen McFarland not only has the staying power of 25 years of marketing industry experience, she also delivers results.

At the City of Portland:

  • Skyrocketed web traffic 250% after redesigning website to be more customer-centered with focus on search engine optimization (SEO)
  • 98% decrease in data entry time, fewer processing errors, and streamlined business workflows

As a consultant she’s also delivered similar results for solopreneurs and small business.  


All of our courses are stand-alone products.

We are not selling a consulting package.

We are not holding anything back so you’ll buy the next course. 

These are short courses based on decisions we see business leaders facing all the time. We are giving you guidance so you can best answer the questions (and make decisions) for yourself.

A simple, repeatable process for identifying the marketing tools you need to help your business achieve its goals. 


We don’t know you or your business (and neither do all of those bloggers or your friends for that matter) well enough to make blanket statements about which particular software you need to buy. 

We will teach you how to identify your particular needs based on your business goals. Then, we help you distill it down and guide you in what you need to have to effectively communicate with software salespeople, consultants, or vendors. 

At Epiphany Courses, we don’t believe longer = better. 

For our business leader courses, we create high-impact courses that are about an hour or less that guide you through making the best decisions you can.

Could I train you to be a business analyst? Yes. Do you need that? No. 

Could we stretch it out over 75 modules and 25 hours? Ew. Why? No. None of us have time for that. 

As for the price… we’re purposefully creating affordable courses for early-stage entrepreneurs.

I spent 100+ hours filming, editing, and creating course materials based on my 25 years of experience so you can avoid the costly mistakes so many business owners make. 

This is also action-oriented. This is a system you can use again and again

Oh, and most marketing software is $20+ a month (or $240/year). If it keeps you from making one mistake you’re money ahead. 

So, yeah, totally worth it.

Click the “Unlock Lifetime Access for $75” button. 

After payment, you’ll be emailed a prompt to create an account and password in Teachable.

Then, you will receive full, lifetime access to the course. 

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