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Proven 3-step business improvement formula that helps you ignore the noise, focus on your business needs and kick bad marketers to the curb. The first step is to establish your business needs.  Together, let’s discover the marketing tools you need to support your business goals.

  • 5 lessons – 1 hour, 10 minutes
  • 19-page workbook with worksheets and spreadsheets
  • Businesses in the first 5-10 years of operation

Podcasting is the hottest content marketing trend—you know that—but how do you even get started with the process? We distill it down for you: budget, equipment, discoverability. The Ultimate Podcast Planning Checklist is the step-by-step solution for the bootstrapping podcast newbie.

  • 5 lessons – 30 minutes
  • 34-page workbook with worksheets
  • Bootstrapping BEGINNER podcaster

Maybe you’re not getting everything you’d hoped out of your podcast. Or, you’re totally overwhelmed because marketing your podcast has turned into a full-time job. There’s another way. Look at your podcast differently before you burn yourself out doing ALL. THE. THINGS.

  • 2 lessons – 41 minutes
  • 17-page workbook with worksheets
  • Small business owners balancing business, podcast, and marketing