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our passion is giving you tools to succeed

Our co-founders have a combined 60+ years of boots-on-the-ground business experience. we’ve worked with both new and established businesses.

It’s increasingly difficult for business leaders to discern between fact and fiction, magic pills from best practice. Especially during the first few years.

We’ve seen too many courses geared to subject matter experts or aspiring practitioners and not enough to influence and guide decision-makers and their teams to effect change in their organization.

You want to know what to do. And when to do it. (Or if it’s even a good idea in the first place.) That doesn’t require a 10-hour course. You also can’t get that from a blog, and you don’t have time for a 2-day workshop (that’s likely an upsell to a program).

What we offer is different.

We honor your time and give you succinct, targeted video and audio courses so you can make the best decisions for your business, including budgets and timelines to help you work through determining when (or if) to implement.

If there’s a course you’d like, contact us and we’ll add it to our roadmap. 

Our mission is to provide critical concepts succinctly so you can make the best business decisions. If we do this, we’re confident you’ll come back.

Meet Our Co-Founder

Jen McFarland

Jen McFarland Co-FOunder Epiphany Courses
Jen McFarland, Co-Founder Epiphany Courses & Founder, Women Conquer Business

CMO & Creative Force

Jen is a passionate and compassionate champion of entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners. She has more than 25 years of experience in executive leadership, digital marketing, and strategic project planning across corporate, nonprofit, and government environments. 

At the City of Portland, she streamlined countless internal processes, made software recommendations, and led the largest Citywide Innovation fund project, where she moved mountains with the IRS. 

A natural teacher and gifted speaker, Jen runs workshops and gives presentations on a wide variety of topics germane to improving business leaders’ soft skills, including digital marketing, time management, dealing with uncertainty, improving communication, and managing remote teams.

Meet Our Co-Founder

Gail Bendert

Gail Bendert, Co-Founder Epiphany Courses & Founder, SBRG, Inc.

COO & Numbers Maestro

Gail is a Former CFO, Corporate Controller, and Enrolled Agent with over 30 years of experience in the field of accounting.

Gail helps independent business owners create a sound accounting foundation on which to build and grow their company. 

She excels at problem-solving and establishing internal controls and procedures to resolve unusual issues that may arise. Her goal is to provide management with accurate, complete information so that they are able to make informed decisions, as well as maintaining the company’s records so as to maximize tax savings while minimizing audit risk.

Meet Our Team

Caitlyn Hamel Spencer

Caitlyn Hamel Spencer marketing specialist
Caitlyn Hamel Spencer, Marketing Specialist, Epiphany Courses

Marketing Specialist

Caitlyn is a Portland native entrepreneur who got her start hungry in hospitality. Throughout her career she has helped to open several start-ups and co-founded two local restaurant businesses, specializing in PR and Marketing. 

She is a true team player, who honors and celebrates the coming together of a strong collective to create something impactful and memorable. In her spare time, you can find Caitlyn trying to catch a run in the sun, a flick in the theater, or adventure around the world. 

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