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Marketing and finance courses to teach you how to amplify your business in the best and easiest way possible.

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Top 6 Biggest Problems with Most Online Business Courses

  1. Created for practitioners, job seekers, and aspiring practitioners.
  2. Focused on skill-building, not decision-making.
  3. Too long. Who has time for 16 hours of mediocre video content?
  4. Long, drawn-out sales pitch to another, more expensive program.
  5. Reliance on social media groups.
  6. Taught by career academics who don’t have boots on the ground experience.
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6 Amazing Ways Epiphany Courses are Different

  1. Created for entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  2. Focused on decision-making, budgets, and execution.
  3. Quality over quantity. Our courses are built for quick, effective business decisions.
  4. All courses are standalone products. Courses are not upsells into an expensive program or consulting contract.
  5. We won’t force you to engage in a social media group to ‘get the most’ out of a course.
  6. Courses are taught by vetted, expert business leaders.
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Every Course Helps Business Leaders Answer Their Biggest Questions

  1. What is it?
  2. How will it affect my business (good, bad, indifferent)?
  3. How will I know when the time is right to consider this for my business?
  4. What does it cost (to implement and maintain)?
  5. Do I need to hire anyone? If so, who, and how will I know I found the right person?
  6. I don’t want to hire anyone. Who is a good candidate on my team (or should I do it)?
  7. How long will it take to get done?

In-Depth Implementation Courses Built for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses

If you’re ready to get your project started today, we’ve got you covered. Our in-depth implementation classes will guide your team (or you) step-by-step through putting new marketing or systems in place.

All Product Offerings

Business Courses for Leaders

Is everyone talking about chatbots or podcasting or digital marketing?

Confused about whether it’s a good idea? These classes are for you.

Strategic online business courses for business leaders. One hour or less, everything you need to make a tactical or strategic decision.

Course delivery: video or audio.

In-Depth Implementation Courses

Let’s say you already know you want to do something.

You just aren’t sure how …

Cool. This is for you.

Soup-to-nuts implementation courses taking you or your team step-by-step through the details of implementing a particular strategy.

Course delivery: video or audio.

Annual Give Me Everything

For the business leader who likes to lock in their price and get access to everything.

We got you. Our annual “Give Me Everything” package gives you a one-year subscription to:

  • Private podcast
  • All Business Courses (current and future)
    One-hour courses geared to business leaders.
  • All In-Depth Implementation Courses (current and future)
    Get every single implementation course we teach, in-depth guidance to move from strategy to action.

Awesome Advice for Busy Business Leaders: All Substance, No Fluff

Business Leader Focused Courses

Business leaders and their teams (even if you are a team of one). If it’s industry-specific you’ll know it.

Key Strategies and Tactics

Unpack complex concepts and learn why it’s important, including myth-busting pesky rumors.

Top Business Considerations

Decide when to implement the action steps with our budgeting and project management guidance.

Actionable Implementation Steps

Get the specific steps your team needs to finish and integrate lessons learned into your business.

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An Incredible Asset

Gail has been an incredible asset to my business. She has not only helped to set up our books, and create our quarterly and annual reports, she also has helped teach me how to analyze the numbers to help me grow our business. I raised our rates based on her recommendations, and I always appreciate the great business introductions as well. She is a wonderful mentor and friend, and I highly recommend Gail and SBRG to any small to medium-sized business looking for an outsourced CFO and bookkeeping team.
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Humble and Clear

Jen is the best combination of high-level marketing operations guidance involving leadership, empathy, knowledge prowess, and connections. As an entrepreneur and visionary, these four components are critical to the proper functioning of your marketing both online and offline. She not only leads you but demonstrates how your leadership in your style can radically shift the future of your business and marketing. Her humble yet clear approach gives you and your team complete confidence.
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